Cryptopia Reopens in Read-Only Mode, Users Confused

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First hacked exchange of 2019, New Zealand-based Cryptopia has reopened in read-only mode on Tuesday.

Source: iStock/RapidEye

The company did not provide any further details when it might go live again following the hack in January which cost users an estimated USD 23 million.

“The holding balance from the 14th Jan is pre hack and we will be using these holdings as a baseline for calculating rebates moving forwards”, the exchange said, adding that users should use the site to reset passwords and 2FA credentials.

However, some of their users still seem to be confused:

While some clients complain that they can’t access the site:

Others claim that their assets remain intact:


Rob Dawson and Adam Clark founded Cryptopia three years ago. According to Stuff, a local news outlet, the exchange has more than 1.4 million users, while the exchange itself says it has more than 2 million users. Dawson’s father, Pete Dawson, is now the sole director and a 5% shareholder of the company, the report said, adding that Cryptopia has 90 shareholders in total, while Clark, Rob Dawson and Intranel Consulting own 30%, 27% and 26% stakes respectively.

A screenshot of the Cryptopia’s website today:

Prior the closing, the 24-hour trading volume on the exchange was almost USD 1 million, according to data.

Top markets on Cryptopia prior the closing: