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Crypto Goes Mainstream with TV Ads and More in France, Switzerland

Tim Alper
Last updated: | 1 min read

Cryptocurrencies are getting mainstream media coverage in Europe – with France’s biggest TV network airing Bitcoin (BTC)-related advertisement, and a Swiss newspaper publishing a full-page spread on crypto.

Source: iStock/gilaxia

As previously reported, Keplerk last month relaunched a program that allows customers to buy Bitcoin in thousands of French tobacco retailers.

To promote the campaign, Keplerk has created an 18-second television ad, which French Twitter users report is being aired several times per day on TF1, France’s most popular TV network. TF1 has an average market share of 24% of the French audience, and its major shareholder is Bouygues, a major business group with market-leading telecoms and construction arms.

A Twitter user who shared a video of the ad airing on their TV even went as far as pointing out that their set-top box was tuned to TF1 at the time of broadcast.

The company has previously created another video ad, which shows a man buying BTC in a French tobacconist using the Keplerk QR code-powered service.

Meanwhile, across the border in Switzerland, weekly newspaper Handelszeitung published a page-long guide to cryptocurrencies entitled “Crypto for Dummies.” The paper’s coverage is 77,000, per International Media Sales data.

The feature, which can also be found online here, includes a step-by-step walkthrough for beginner investors wishing to buy Ethereum tokens.

The author also makes a remarkable call to action, writing,

“Discover for yourself that cryptocurrency is not just a speculative phenomenon, but also an amazing piece of technology that lets you gain and control assets and money on your phone – without relying on banks or other companies.”

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