Crypto Conference with Loaned Lambos and Joke Protest

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The answer to the eternal question of “when Lambo” is not what we expect: the 2018 Consensus blockchain conference teaches us that the answer may be “when you rent it.” Crypto caused protests as well, and those were staged too: bankers are not yet taking to the streets to show their dismay for the technology that promises to upend their business.

Source: Twitter

Broadway SuperCars rented three Lamborghinis to a crypto exchange BitMex for the day in bright orange, navy blue and black. Although the company did not disclose how much BitMex paid for the boasting opportunity, it is still safe to say it cost less than actually buying the luxury sports car.

Meanwhile, an image and video of people holding a sign that says, “Bankers Against Bitcoin” took Twitter, and subsequently the rest of the internet, by storm.

Bankers against bitcoin. LOL #Consensus2018

— Mario (@Token_Mario) May 14, 2018

As one might have expected, the protests were quickly discovered to be fake, staged by mining company Genesis Mining. Still, a group going around chanting slogans like “hey hey, ho ho, Bitcoin has got to go,” and hold signs informing anyone who passed by that “paper checks use less electricity!” is bound to cause at least a few chuckles.

The fashion choices at the conference were interesting as well, Bloomberg reports: from flannels, business suits, cowboy hats and dreadlocks, to Sima Baktas of a blockchain startup in Istanbul rocking a “Satoshi is Female” shirt.

Source: Twitter

Per CNBC, some 8,500 people are attending the conference – three times more than the Consensus 2017 event.