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Web3 Security Conference 2023

Oct 04-04, 2023
Milan, Italy

Web3 Security Conference 2023: Uniting Global Experts to Safeguard the Future of Web3

De.Fi, the leading super app dedicated to asset management and security, is delighted to unveil the much-anticipated Web3 Security Conference 2023, in collaboration with ETHMilan. The one-day conference will be hosted in the modern and cosmopolitan Nhow Milan Hotel.

This inaugural event promises to assemble a global cadre of experts, converging to address the pivotal challenges and solutions within Web3 security. Notable speakers include Anton Astafiev, the Head of Security at zkSync; Simone Monica, a Security Engineer at Trail of Bits; Carlo Parisi, a Smart Contract Auditor at Hacken; Jack Barbieri, the COO of Avascan; Michael Rosmer, Co-Founder of De.Fi; and Dmytro Matviiv, Head of, among other security experts.

Event Highlights:

The immersive Web3 Security Conference will plunge deep into the core of Web3 security, offering a diverse program encompassing discussions, panels, and presentations on topics spanning chain security, smart contracts, auditing, monitoring, wallet security, and vulnerability analysis. Throughout the event, attendees will have the unique opportunity to engage with industry trailblazers, gaining priceless insights into fortifying the Web3 ecosystem.

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