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Oct 04-06, 2023
Ibiza, Spain

Welcome to Ibiza NXT 3.0:Heading toward a purpose-driven Web3 innovation journey

Ibiza NXT is back with its third edition, exploring the intersection of purpose and technology. 

Discover how Web3 and blockchain innovation can elevate our lives. 

Besides focusing on Web3 mass adoption status and sharing remarkable trends about NFTs, the Metaverse, DeFi, and DAOs, we will delve deep into blockchain-AI connections, asset tokenization, new sustainability synergies, and the concept of ‘Blockchain Cities.’

Moreover, we will highlight the role of women in technology, provide insights into tech careers, and reflect on the challenges that arise when innovation is not aligned with purpose and visionary goals.

Exploring industry trends & Human stories on the future-oriented island

Ibiza, the globally renowned ‘White Island,’ once again takes center stage at our conference. 

It not only embodies history, culture, and lifestyle but is also a forward-looking place, embarking on a transformation into a ‘blockchain island’ with the aim of fostering connectivity and sustainability within its vibrant community.

Ibiza NXT 2023 features a unique format, bringing together bright minds from both local and international communities, alongside researchers, artists, and innovators actively shaping the future. 

The morning sessions host thought-provoking panels, inspiring talks, and the unveiling of cutting-edge innovations and real-use cases in the Web3 space.

In the late afternoons, we transition into intimate interviews, delving into the personal narratives and motivations of tech enthusiasts. Moreover, we provide a platform for artistic expression, featuring NFT art exhibitions, DJ sets, live music performances, and more.