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Agora is hosting its 11th Edition of the Global Blockchain Congress on March 6 and 7, 2023 in Dubai, The UAE.

The theme of this edition is: “Resiliency and Adaptability”.

The Global Blockchain Congress leverages the experience gained through the hosting of the first 10 editions of the event to ensure maximum return on investment for all our sponsors. The ten previous editions of the Global Blockchain Congress were a tremendous success and we were able to host 1,000+ investors and 250+ blockchain startups and were able to raise millions in funds for our participating projects.

This is not a conference nor an exhibition. This is an exclusive, closed-door, congress between investors and hand-picked Blockchain projects looking to raise funds. It is the only event of its kind and it will bring together qualified investors (VCs, Private Equity Firms, Family Offices, Crypto Funds and High Networth Individuals) with Digital Assets Startups through a series of pre-scheduled and pre-arranged one-on-one meetings.

The MENA region Investment Ecosystem has shown resiliency and growth in the midst of an international financial slowdown and dried-up capital markets. In fact, the MENA region has expressed a sharp increase in VC and Startup Investments in 2022. Dubai is now the perfect place for blockchain projects to raise funds.

Startup founders from all over the world need financial advocates on their side. Raising funds and receiving funding is vital to the growth and success of startups. NOW is the right time for international startups to tap into a pool of highly engaged investors from the MENA region who are actively looking to invest in exciting and promising companies.