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How to Buy Lingo ($LINGO) – Easy Guide

Gaurav Roy
Last updated: | 7 min read

RWA, or real world assets, are one of the leading narratives fueling the crypto market and the entry of institutions into the industry. Interest in RWA has boosted related tokens, and the sector is attracting increasing investment, development, and traction.

A new entrant in the crypto space, LINGO is creating the largest RWA rewards token ecosystem aimed at onboarding the next billion Web3 users. Currently, the project is hosting a LINGO token airdrop season, which will be followed by a public pre-sale and token generation event (TGE).

So, let’s see how to buy $LINGO token before it takes flight!

Lingo Home Page

How to Buy the $LINGO Token: A Step-by-Step Guide

The pre-sale is not live yet. However, you can get access to LINGO tokens by participating in its ongoing airdrop season. Here’s a step-by-step guide to do that:

Step 1: Get a Boarding Pass

For an ultimate airdrop experience, the Lingo team has launched Lingo Islands, featuring five islands, each offering different ways to earn $LINGO tokens.

Lingo Islands Boarding Pass

Get started by connecting your X account and verifying your email on Ape Rock. Once complete, claim your boarding pass to access the next islands. A boarding pass also makes you eligible for whitelisting on Lingo’s public presale.

Step 2: Get Upgraded to Business Class

Next, generate a unique link and invite 10 friends to the game. This will earn you a Business Class pass, which entitles you to a special token pre-sale price, an airdrop multiplier, and raffles with real world rewards.

Step 3: Complete Tasks at Degen Island for Most Airdrops

On the third island, you can spin a wheel, farm air miles, and collect cards. At this stage, you get a chance to earn a share of 40% of the total airdrop pool by unlocking all six cards, which will get you the Mythical Card.

Lingo Diamond Isle

While the team has kept Island 4, named Diamond Isle, a top-secret, the next Whale Island gets you a super rare Private Jet NFT if you rank top 10 on the leaderboard. This NFT unlocks quality experiences such as all-inclusive 5-star hotel stays, seed rounds, and more.

Step 4: Buy LINGO in Pre-sale

Once the airdrop season is over and the team launches its token pre-sale shortly, you’ll be able to buy LINGO at discounted prices.

To buy LINGO at that stage, you must first get a crypto wallet and connect it once a website or link for it goes live. Then, use the supported cryptocurrency to purchase LINGO tokens. Once they officially launch, you can claim your tokens.

Visit Lingo

What is LINGO?

LINGO is a gamified, RWA-powered ecosystem founded by HM Rawat and David Amsellem. David Amsellem is the entrepreneur behind the world’s number one premium loyalty program, John Paul, which was sold to Accor Hotels for $150 million in 2016.

The project aims to disrupt the traditional loyalty program model through a blockchain-based overhaul that prioritizes community benefits.

To make this happen, LINGO has introduced a new business model that generates tangible community rewards supported by real assets. The project utilizes platform fees, reinvesting them into RWAs like real estate assets, which are owned by Lingo’s holding company and managed by its community DAO, to create consistent value and compound the rewards pool. It looks set to capitalize on the rapidly growing RWA sector, which was the second most profitable crypto narrative of Q1 2024.

Lingo Rewards Page

On the Lingo platform, users can earn $LINGO by staking their tokens and generating value.

Its rewards marketplace features an in-app loyalty points system, offering monthly rewards to users. These points are redeemable for a wide range of real-life rewards, from coffee, shopping, and tickets to hotel stays and more. The rewards are redeemed on a dedicated dApp which comes with exciting features like daily tasks, seasons, mystery boxes, and much more.

To learn more about LINGO, visit its official website and read its litepaper. You can also visit its socials like X (previously Twitter) and Discord, where it has gathered a strong community of 362.5K followers and nearly 173K members, respectively.

What is the LINGO Token?

At the heart of Lingo’s expansive ecosystem is its LINGO token, which will be deployed on Solana and Base blockchains. It is the first token leveraging RWAs along with gamification and crypto culture to disrupt community rewards. This could uniquely position itself to capitalize on the current bull run.

As a real-world utility token, LINGO gives users real-world rewards. All the fees generated on the platform power the rewards ecosystem by reinvesting in RWAs, hence fueling exponential growth and higher rewards. Investing in RWAs generates monthly cash flow, and 100% of that yield will be used by the project to buy back its token every month to further fuel its ecosystem.

The project further aims to use LINGO as a governance token in the future, which will allow its users to vote on ecosystem decisions such as the next reward pool.

Lingo Upcoming Presale Page

You can get your hands on the LINGO tokens by participating in the ongoing Lingo Islands airdrop campaign. During this airdrop season, the project is giving away millions of LINGO coins. To receive the airdrop, you must complete tasks that unlock different reward settings and offer opportunities to win tokens.

Other ways to earn LINGO include a community sale and an Initial Exchange Offering, the details of which will be revealed soon.

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Reasons to Buy the LINGO Token – Key Takeaways

Here are some of the main reasons to buy LINGO Token:

  • Utilizing the hottest chains: Lingo plans to deploy its token on two of the most popular blockchains right now: Solana and Base. As per a CoinGecko report, the Solana ecosystem has been accounting for 49.3% of global crypto investor interest, with Solana-based tokens enjoying crazy rallies. Base, meanwhile, has emerged as the most popular Ethereum L2 driven by its affiliation with crypto exchange Coinbase and native meme coin activity.
  • RWA trend gains traction: Real-world assets are one of the fastest-emerging sectors in crypto, attracting interest from BlackRock, Franklin Templeton, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and HSBC. According to Boston Consulting Group, asset tokenization is expected to be a $16 trillion market by the end of this decade.
  • Early Entry: Lingo is currently in the development phase, conducting airdrop seasons, which will be followed by a public pre-sale and then a Token Generation Event (TGE). While airdrops simply involve completing tasks to earn coins, pre-sale events offer tokens at discounted prices. This presents a big opportunity for investors to get early in the project before it is publicly launched and gets listed on crypto exchanges, which tend to drive demand and price and increase the market cap.
  • Heightened Rewards: The Lingo platform offers holders rewards backed by RWAs and has already partnered with the Fizen app to offer rewards from over 3,000 brands across 80 countries. It further offers a staking opportunity to boost LINGO earnings. Moreover, reinvesting the platform fees in RWAs generates yield, further enhancing the reward pool and token holder earnings.
  • Experienced Team: The project is being developed by industry veterans with decades of combined experience and a proven track record of accomplishments. Not only was it created by the founder of one of the world’s leading loyalty companies, which was acquired in 2016 for $150 million, but the team comprises former executives from Binance, Consensys, Microsoft, and to make their bold vision a reality.
  • A Progressive Roadmap: The project has completed its audit, secured marketing contracts, and created a strong community. Its current focus is on the MVP launch, getting its token listed on tier 1 CEXs and DEXs, and launching the rewards claim platform. Then, Lingo will focus on integrating gamified features into its reward platform, launching a DAO, expanding its RWA acquisitions, and introducing a cash-back model.


Amidst the crypto bull market mania, LINGO has emerged as a project that goes beyond just hype. The project leverages the usability of real-world assets and combines it with the innovativeness of blockchain technology and Web3 and the fun and excitement of crypto. With that, LINGO aims to completely change the face of the reward system.

Built by tech veterans, LINGO is well-positioned to reach mainstream audiences by targeting consumer crypto. The project has created a bold business model to have sustainable value generation and distribution, a network of brands for users to redeem their tokens, an ambitious future plan to drive value, and a strong community of supporters to lead crypto forward.

So, if you’ve been wanting to invest in a token that leverages the RWA narrative early on, make sure to participate in the LINGO presale!

Visit Lingo


What is LINGO?

Lingo is a gamified, RWA-powered rewarding ecosystem that consistently offers users the chance to be rewarded. This rewards ecosystem is fueled by real assets that generate value no matter the market condition.

How do I buy a LINGO Token?

To buy LINGO tokens at presale, you can participate in its ongoing airdrop season, that’ll guarantee you access to LINGO at special prices. For this, the project has launched five Islands, where you have to complete a series of tasks to unlock access to special rewards and guaranteed tokens. Then, once the pre-sale round goes live, you can connect your wallet, buy tokens, and claim LINGO.