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How to Buy Arkenstone ($ARKN) – Easy Guide

Gaurav Roy
Last updated: | 11 min read

A coin built with a real-world application while offering various earning capabilities makes for a tempting prospect. A new coin is offering just that and more.

The Arkenstone Token ($ARKN), the latest entry into the crypto space, powers the GemLaunch suite, offering investors an opportunity to increase their wealth. So, let’s see how you can buy $ARKN tokens.

Arkenstone Home Page

Arkenstone ($ARKN) Token: Quick Overview

Before we embark on the journey to buy $ARKN tokens, here’s a quick look at the project:

  • With a focus on real-world applications, ARKN stands out from other crypto projects. Arkenstone, which has had two independent audits, is actually using its own product for the presale, demonstrating its commitment.
  • Amidst the ongoing bull run, Arkenstone is conducting a presale for ARKN. During the presale, the token has already seen an impressive 400% price increase, rising every 24 hours. Arkenstone is also running a rewards program that offers investors bonus tokens, complimentary NFTs, and other enticing rewards.
  • Arkenstone utilizes the Solana blockchain, which is currently leading this cycle’s chain narrative and providing a software solution that the Solana community has been seeking.
  • $ARKN serves as the utility token to pay fees and avail discounts in Arkenstone’s vast ecosystem. This ecosystem includes the GemLaunch suite, which offers a wide range of tools for users to create, manage, and launch tokens.
  • Arkenstone has set a clear roadmap for its product GemLaunch with features like multi-chain support, built-in audit services, and integrated token launch marketing to be introduced in the future.

How to Buy Arkenstone ($ARKN) Token: A Simple Guide for Beginners

Now, here’s your step-by-step guide to buying ARKN tokens:

1. Create a Crypto Wallet

First, set up a cryptocurrency wallet. The ARKN presale website supports Phantom, MetaMask, Solflare, and WalletConnect. Once you have chosen the wallet, either download the app on your mobile device or get the browser extension.

Once you have installed the Wallet on your device, create an account and set a strong password. To complete your wallet setup, write down your seed phrase and keep it in a secure location.

2. Fund Your Wallet

To buy $ARKN tokens, you’ll require SOL tokens. Soon, the project will also support USDT and USDC. So, first, purchase SOL tokens, which you can do either directly within the wallet or through a crypto exchange.

SOL Wallet Funding Interface

If you already own other crypto tokens, you can use the presale widget on the Arkenstone website, which includes a SOL ATM. Using this feature, you can swap a wide range of crypto for SOL tokens.

3. Connect Your Wallet

Once you have SOL tokens, navigate to the official ARKN presale website. On the front page, you’ll find a widget powered by GemLaunch ICO Suite. Right at the top of this, there is a ‘Select Wallet’ button highlighted in bright color, ensuring you won’t miss it. This button will provide you with several options to select your wallet.

 Connecting the wallet

4. Select Your Amount

Once your wallet is connected, select the asset you want to spend for this purchase, which in this case is SOL.

Next, choose the size of your investment. For instance, as of this writing, the ARKN token is available at a price of 0.021611 USD per token or 0.0001420 SOL for each ARKN token. Remember, the price increases every 24 hours, so the sooner you lock down the rate, the better.

5. Confirm and Claim

To complete your ARKN purchase transaction, authorize it in your wallet. This will confirm that you are sending your tokens to the presale address, reserving your right to ARKN tokens.

Once the presale concludes and the Arkenstone team officially launches the token, you will need to claim your tokens. At this stage, you’ll receive ARKN tokens, along with bonus tokens and free NFT. Soon, you will also have the opportunity to stake your tokens to earn rewards.

All this information will be provided via the project’s website, X, Telegram, or Instagram. So, keep an eye on their socials. You also have the option to subscribe using their email contact.

What is Arkenstone ($ARKN)?

Arkenstone is a new cryptocurrency project that aims to create a diverse and vibrant environment for users to engage in various activities and earn rewards for their participation.

Arkenstone Home Page

In the world of Arkenstone, GemLaunch Suite is a real-world Web3 application that helps its users create tokens and launch presales effortlessly without the need for coding skills or excessive fees. This service allows for easy token creation, launch, funding, monitoring, and selling via an easy-to-use widget that can be added to any website. Soon to be available as a WordPress plugin, GemLaunch Suite simplifies token launches and funding.

The entire Arkenstone ecosystem is powered by the utility and meme token $ARKN, which is used for gas fees, staking rewards, avail discounts, get airdrops, and access to premium features within the GemLaunch ICO Suite. In this way, ARKN serves as the digital currency, enabling transactions and value exchange within the Arkenstone ecosystem.

Reasons to Invest in the Arkenstone ($ARKN) Presale

Now, there are several reasons why you should be investing in the Arkenstone ($ARKN) presale. Here are the most important ones:

Discounted Prices, Huge Upside

During a presale, an investor can get their hands on a token at a heavily discounted price. In the case of $ARKN, the token is currently available at 0.021611 USD or 0.000142492 SOL per token. ARKN’s resale price actually goes up every 24 hours, and just a day prior, it was 0.021218 USD/0.000133 SOL, so the earlier one buys the token, the higher the upside potential. Not to mention, the token is yet to be launched. The public release and subsequent exchange listings could send the prices higher.

Leveraging the Popular Blockchain

Today, the crypto sector is overrun by layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains, each providing unique benefits. Arkenstone, however, has gone with the blockchain that is currently leading the market. As an SPL token, $ARKN is running on the Solana blockchain, which, according to a Coingecko report, has emerged as the most popular blockchain ecosystem. Overtaking Ethereum and BNB Chain, Solana has captured the interest of global crypto investors, leading the chain-specific narrative and sparking a frenzy of meme coin mania.

Meme Plus Utility

Taking inspiration from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, Arkenstone capitalizes on the meme coin narrative to build a strong and engaged community. It then combines this with the real use of its software solution, making it a utility-driven, long-term investment option. By doing so, ARKN captures the best of both worlds and ensures its future success and sustainability.

A Usable Product

The utility is offered via a usable product, the GemLaunch suite, which offers a comprehensive range of tools for conducting Solana-based ICOs. The advanced infrastructure of the GemLaunch suite includes tools for presale contract configuration, website integration, and real-time insights into presale performance. Future enhancements will include multi-chain support, built-in audit services, and integrated token launch marketing.

What makes Arkenstone best

With this easy-to-use product, anyone can create, fund, sell, and monitor tokens effortlessly without any coding skills. It can also serve as a payment gateway for crypto transactions using SOL, ARKN, and stablecoins and distribute special rewards such as NFTs or bonus tokens to enhance investor engagement and retention. In fact, Arkenstone itself is utilizing the GemLaunch Suite for its presale, underscoring its readiness and commitment.

By offering the GemLaunch Suite for free to presale investors, Arkenstone aims to disrupt the ICO landscape and capitalize on the booming crypto market.

Security and Reliability

To ensure the safety of user funds, the project has undergone two independent audits, allowing users to interact with Arkenstone confidently. This showcases the team’s commitment to maintaining a stable environment for users and offering them peace of mind when entering the complex world of crypto.

Moreover, for its GemLaunch suite, the development team frequently updates the software and maintains direct communication with its users via Telegram. This demonstrates their dedication to not only delivering results but also fostering a transparent relationship with the community.

Bull Market Momentum

Since Q3 of 2023, the crypto market has been making a nice recovery, with Bitcoin hitting a new all-time high (ATH). However, the bull market hasn’t yet seen wild mania. Also, the cyclical bullish event of Bitcoin halving only took place in April, and historically, new highs tend to manifest months later. Therefore, once the market enters the ultimate ‘up only’ scenario, $ARKN tokens will also enjoy an immense upside.

This bullish momentum for $ARKN could increase dramatically, driven by the evolution of the crypto market and a greater emphasis on projects that focus on providing utility and real-world applications. So, against that backdrop, combined with the fact that ARK already had an impressive 400% price increase, buying ARK during the presale holds significant promise for substantial gains in the foreseeable future.

Rewards Extravaganza: Staking, Airdrop, Free NFTs, Referrals, & More

In addition to its utility, what makes Arkenstone stand out from other projects is all kinds of different ways for investors to earn rewards, starting with staking. Staking rewards are further augmented by additional SOL rewards to be distributed via airdrop, which depends on the amount and time of staked $ARKN. This way, $ARKN offers a massive opportunity to grow your crypto holdings consistently and significantly.

Moreover, Arkenstone captivates users with free NFTs. These limited-edition NFTs, inspired by the legendary Arkenstone, promise exclusivity and are distributed at no cost to select presale contributors.

Arkenstone Rewards

Besides bonus tokens and complimentary NFTs, Arkenstone incentivizes early contributors through a referral system that allows investors to earn additional rewards for every new presale buyer they refer.

Attractive Tokenomics Design

The utility token $ARKN powers the entire Arkenstone ecosystem, much like how the $92.8bln market cap BNB is used on the crypto exchange Binance. It is required for fees, discounts, and reward users.

Now, when it comes to tokenomics, ARKN has a total supply of 4 billion, of which 1 billion (25%) is distributed via presale. Another 10% is set aside for airdrop, and 15% is designated for staking rewards. Fifteen percent of the $ARKN supply is allocated towards providing liquidity, split between DEXs (10%) and CEXs (5%). A solid 30% of the total ARKN tokens will be utilized for marketing efforts to increase token awareness, while the remaining 5% goes to the team.


Arkenstone has laid out a clear roadmap for a thriving future. With the token audited, smart contract and payment solution developed, private presale launched, and marketing efforts underway, the project is now focusing on the public presale of $ARKN.

In the current phase, the token is experiencing a 3.6% price surge per 24 hours. Concurrently, GemLaunch Suite is being developed, and collaborations with influencers are being established. In the next stage, $ARKN tokens will be launched, and presale investors will be able to claim them. The team will also commence staking launch, bonus token, and NFT distribution and list $ARKN on decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

In the final phase, the Arkenstone team will focus on CEX listings and ensure the token is featured on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap to make it easy for the public to find, buy, sell, and trade it. This stage will also see increased staking rewards, airdrops, new use cases for $ARKN, and the release of GemLaunch Suite. So, a lot of fun, development, and price appreciation are on the cards for $ARKN holders.

How Much Potential Does Arkenstone ($ARKN) Have? Our Analysis

As we discussed above in detail, many factors make ARKN a worthwhile investment option. With the crypto market preparing for a wild bull run, prices will likely see tremendous upside. However, investing early in a project and getting involved from the ground up can significantly enhance one’s chances of winning big.

Arkenstone Ecosystem's Key Aspects

Currently, the $ARKN token is being sold at 0.0212 USD during the presale stage. On top of that, the token has already experienced a 400% spike in price. So, by the time the token actually launches, not only is its price expected to be much higher than current prices, but the subsequent market moment and CEX listings might take it even higher. Prices could easily reach anywhere between $0.2 and $2.

These are, however, conservative estimates, as the market value will depend on the level at which the token makes its public debut and the subsequent market traction it gains. With $ARKN offering staking rewards, free NFTs, and many other lucrative rewards, it won’t be wrong to say that the project has the potential to capture a lot of attention and demand, which often translates into a strong market movement.


The Arkenstone token ($ARKN) is coming in hot with its real-world application and significant earnings opportunities, making it an attractive option to get in at the early stages. The token has already posted a 400% increase in its price during the presale phase.

Hence, once it goes live, gets listed on centralized exchanges (CEXs), releases GemLaunch Suite, and introduces other interesting features, the coin is expected to gain enhanced market visibility and adoption, which can boost its price substantially. If you’ve been looking to maximize your profit potential, the $ARKN presale may be your chance to make it big.

Visit Arkenstone


How to invest in the Arkenstone ($ARKN) presale?

First, get a crypto wallet, such as Solflare or Phantom, and fund it with SOL tokens. Then, go to the ARKN presale website and connect your wallet. Input the investment size and confirm your transaction.

What network is Arkenstone ($ARKN) tokens on?

ARKN tokens are based on the popular layer 1 blockchain Solana (SOL), which is fast and cheap.

Does Arkenstone ($ARKN) offer staking?

Yes, Arkenstone offers staking by locking your $ARKN tokens. Your staking rewards increase based on the number of tokens held and the time spent.


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