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8 Best Web3 Development Companies 2024

Michael Graw
Last updated: | 12 min read
best web3 development companies

Web3, the decentralized web, is widely seen as the future of the internet. Web3 will make it easier for users on the internet to communicate and transact with greater privacy and more freedom. A growing number of companies are making the jump to Web3, but Web3 software development is still a specialized and time-consuming task. The best Web3 development companies can help businesses create their own decentralized apps without any blockchain experience required. In this guide, we’ll review the best Web3 development companies to help get your project off the ground this year.

Top Web3 Development Companies for 2024 – List

We’ve checked out dozens of Web3 development services to bring readers the 8 best Web3 development companies in 2024:

  • Tech Alchemy – Best Blockchain Development Company for Projects of All Sizes
  • Rising Max – Top Web3 Development Service for the Internet of Things
  • Cubix – Best for Augmented Reality Web 3 Software Development
  • Consensys – Best Web3 Development Services for Ethereum
  • Maticz – Best for Building Web3 DeFi Apps
  • Labrys – Best Web3 Software Development Company for NFTs
  • Queppelin – Best Web3 Game Development Company
  • Antier Solutions – Best Web3 Development Company for Enterprise Businesses

The Best Web3 Development Services Reviewed

Every Web3 development company offers something a little different. We’ll take a closer look at the 8 best Web3 software development companies to help businesses decide which agency is right for them.

1. Tech Alchemy – Best Blockchain Development Company for Projects of All Sizes

Tech Alchemy is one of the leading Web3 development companies and our overall top pick for 2024. This UK-based development agency can handle an immense range of projects, from creating and launching NFTs and blockchain games to building internal blockchains for managing operations. Tech Alchemy can also help businesses create decentralized finance (DeFi) apps, manage assets on a decentralized internet, and much more.

Tech Alchemy blockchain agency

There are a few key reasons why Tech Alchemy stands out. The first is the company’s focus on good design. Tech Alchemy products are both functional and aesthetic – that is, they work extremely well and look good while doing it. That makes the company’s apps easier to use for both businesses and end-users. Another benefit to Tech Alchemy is that the company uses a flexible and iterative design process. Every project is tailored to a business’s specific needs and goals for launching a Web3 app. Tech Alchemy supports clients from the first step of imagining an app through to launching it. Along the way, clients can provide feedback on work in progress and have revisions completed quickly. Tech Alchemy’s team consists of more than 45 Web3 software developers and 8 user experience specialists. The company has worked on major Web3 projects for companies like Triptalk, Lattice, Copofi, and Toad. Creating a Web3 app with Tech Alchemy starts with a conversation. Get in touch with the team today to start building on the decentralized web!

Visit Tech Alchemy

2. Rising Max – Top Web3 Development Service for the Internet of Things

Rising Max is another top Web3 development service. The company has more than 150 blockchain developers on staff who can build everything from play-to-earn crypto games to decentralized social media platforms.

Rising Max web3 development company

Rising Max especially stands out for businesses that want to merge the Internet of Things (IoT) with Web3. This is a hot field with a lot of potential since IoT devices can provide data feeds and real-world links for Web3 apps. Rising Max has expertise in designing smart contracts for IoT as well as artificial intelligence for making sense of distributed data. Rising Max has already produced more than 50 Web3 projects and understands what it takes to deliver high-quality, highly functional projects for clients. The company can currently build Web3 apps on the Ethereum, Cardano, and Stellar blockchains.

3. Cubix – Best for Augmented Reality Web 3 Software Development

Cubix is a full-service Web3 app development agency with a lot of different services on offer. The company can help enterprise-scale businesses create their own blockchains for operations management. Cubix also has experience creating Web3 apps for finance, e-commerce, and logistics on the decentralized web.

Cubix NFT game development company

What stands out most about this Web3 development company, however, is its expertise in augmented reality (AR). Cubix is one of the best software development companies for creating AR experiences for decentralized games, e-commerce, and more. Cubix has more than 200 developers on staff, so no Web3 project is too big. The company also has a strong track record of delivering for clients. Cubix has completed more than 600 projects for nearly as many clients.

4. Consensys – Best Web3 Development Services for Ethereum

Consensys is one of the biggest and best Web3 development companies working on the Ethereum blockchain. The company is behind several Web3 apps that almost everyone in the decentralization community will recognize, including MetaMask and Infura. MetaMask alone has more than 30 million active users and is essential to much of the activity that happens on Web3.

Consensys company website

Consensys aims to make it easy for anyone to build projects on Ethereum, the world’s largest smart contract blockchain. The company has experience creating NFTs, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), DeFi apps, and much more. All Consensys projects are built to be highly scalable, making this firm a great choice for businesses that are hoping to make a big splash in Web3. The only drawback to Consensys is that since it’s so well-known, its services aren’t cheap. The company mainly works with larger businesses, including enterprises and financial institutions.

5. Maticz – Best for Building Web3 DeFi Apps

Maticz is a Web3 development company that helps client businesses achieve a digital transformation. The company’s software development team can build projects with Ethereum, Solidity, or Hyperledger, plus help create smart contracts for a variety of alternative blockchains.

Maticz blockchain development company

Maticz specializes in building DeFi apps, including crypto exchanges, NFT marketplaces, asset management tools, and decentralized banking platforms. An in-house team of designers ensures that every product Maticz produces comes out looking great and provides a seamless user experience. This development firm has already delivered more than 300 projects for clients. Notably, Maticz offers both end-to-end development and Web3 consulting services, so businesses can choose the degree of support they need in making the switch to Web3.

6. Labrys – Best Web3 Software Development Company for NFTs

NFTs are one of the most popular types of assets on Web3 right now, and the bar to creating them is relatively low for businesses new to the decentralized internet. But launching an NFT collection can still be a technical challenge, and Labrys is perfectly suited to help.

Labrys company home page

Labrys offers software development on numerous major blockchains, including Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, and more. The company can help businesses create smart contracts for new NFT collections and develop integrations with all of the top NFT marketplaces. This Web3 firm can also do a lot more than NFTs. Labrys is a great choice for enterprise businesses looking to build custom blockchains apps or businesses that want to launch projects across multiple blockchains. The company has more than 200 clients and operates offices around the globe to quickly meet the needs of any business.

7. Queppelin – Best Web3 Game Development Company

Queppelin bills itself as a metaverse development company. It’s the obvious choice for businesses looking to launch NFT games or metaverse crypto games in Web3.

Queppelin metaverse company

The company has a ton of experience working on AR and VR projects. It’s built games using both Unreal Engine and Unity, the 2 most popular AI-powered platforms for creating virtual gaming worlds. In addition, the company can build projects on Ethereum and Solana, 2 of the best metaverse crypto projects. Queppelin can also develop custom blockchains for enterprise-scale clients. Queppelin’s team of 250 developers blends blockchain experts, user experience analysts, and animators and designers to bring any idea to life in 3D. The company has delivered more than 600 projects for its clients to date.

8. Antier Solutions – Best Web3 Development Company for Enterprise Businesses

Antier Solutions is a Web3 development firm that works specifically with enterprise-scale businesses and institutional financial clients. This company specializes in helping large businesses build blockchains and decentralization into their internal processes. For example, Antier Solutions has created purpose-driven blockchains for managing supply chains and for tracking financial assets.

Antier blockchain solutions

The company can build projects on most of the major public blockchains as well, including Ethereum, Hyperledger, Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and Cosmos. Antier Solutions offers either end-to-end development or consulting and ad hoc services depending on what a business needs help with. Antier Solutions is quite large, with more than 600 developers and designers on staff. The company has delivered more than 500 projects since it launched in 2016 and is poised to become one of the largest Web3 development firms in the world.

What is a Web3 Development Company?

A Web3 development company is a technology consulting firm that helps clients build decentralized apps for Web3. Web3 is a catch-all term for a decentralized internet in which users have more control over their data and content is taken out of the hands of centralized tech companies. Web3 development companies have a lot in common with blockchain development companies since Web3 relies on blockchain technology for decentralization. Web3 development companies typically have a large team of experienced developers and designers on staff. Businesses who have an idea for a decentralized app or Web3 platform can use Web3 development companies to build their vision without hiring an in-house team of software developers. The advantage of using a Web3 development service is that businesses can focus on what they do best, while leaving the coding to a company that specializes in it. That way, projects get done faster and are built to higher quality standards. Using a Web3 development firm can also save a lot of money compared to hiring and training a staff of developers.

What Services Do Web3 Development Agencies Offer?

Web3 development agencies offer a very wide range of services. While some companies have areas of specialization, many of the best Web3 development companies offer a host of options for creating decentralized apps, games, and smart contracts. Some of the core services that Web3 development agencies offer include:

  • Creating smart contracts
  • Launching NFT collections
  • Designing and launching new Web 3.0 coins
  • Building decentralized crypto exchanges
  • Creating user-friendly mobile apps for decentralized platforms
  • Designing play-to-earn and NFT games

Web3 development companies can typically help smaller companies develop projects on any of the major public blockchains, like Ethereum and Solana. Alternatively, larger companies can turn to Web3 development companies to create their own custom blockchains. These custom blockchains can be used for managing supply chains or operations or for building more advanced Web3 applications. In addition, Web3 companies offer varying degrees of service. Some provide end-to-end development – businesses come to them with an idea and they turn it into reality. Others provide consulting services, helping businesses with specific aspects of a project or lending additional developers on an as-needed basis. The best Web3 development services strive to meet the needs of their clients. So, they’re often highly flexible and offer unique packages for every client and project.

How to Choose the Best Web3 Development Company

Choosing a Web3 development company is a big commitment. These projects are often large, time-consuming, and costly, but a well-executed Web3 project can transform a business. With that in mind, here are some of the key things to consider when choosing the best Web3 development company.


The best Web3 companies are quick to point out how many projects they’ve worked on and showcase some of their most recent successes. That’s important because businesses want to know that a software development team can deliver as promised. Ideally, companies should have completed projects that span a wide range of services and sizes.

Available Services

While most Web3 companies offer a range of development services, it’s important to make sure that a company has all the capabilities needed for a business’s specific project. Companies that aren’t equipped for a project may end up delivering a less than fully functional product. It’s also worth keeping in mind that some Web3 companies have developed areas of specialization. Businesses that want to build play-to-earn games, metaverse projects, or DeFi apps should look for agencies that have deep experience in these areas.

Client Communication & Support

It’s important to know how the design process works and how involved a business needs to be. Some Web3 development companies stay in touch every step of the way and go through lots of rounds of feedback. This provides more control, but it also means that a business has to put more time and attention into the development of their project. On the other hand, some Web3 development companies take an idea and come back with a near-finished app. That can be great for businesses that prefer a hands-off approach, but it also results in having less control over how a project turns out.


Most Web3 development agencies offer pricing by quote only. Every project is different, and quote-based pricing reflects that. It’s a good idea to request quotes from multiple Web3 development companies. That way, businesses can compare the services available and get a better sense of how much a project will cost.


Web3 is the future of the internet. With the best Web3 development companies, businesses don’t need a huge in-house team of developers in order to launch their own Web3 apps. For businesses looking to make the jump to Web3, Tech Alchemy offers a huge range of services and excels at design. Contact Tech Alchemy today to start building in Web3!

Visit Tech Alchemy


What is Web3? Web3 is the decentralized internet. Today’s internet (Web2) is largely controlled by individual tech companies, which hold most of the data on the internet on their servers. In Web3, data is distributed and decentralized using blockchain technology. What are the best Web3 development companies? The best Web3 development companies include Tech Alchemy, Rising Max, and Cubix. Tech Alchemy has a team of 45 in-house Web3 developers and delivers outstanding projects. What services do Web3 development companies offer? Web3 development companies offer a wide range of services, including creating NFTs, building crypto exchanges and wallets, creating new tokens, and building play-to-earn games. Web3 development companies can also help businesses build their own custom blockchains. How to choose a Web3 development agency? The best way to choose a Web3 development agency is to talk to multiple firms about a project. Every project is different, and different firms will have different visions and pricing for a particular product. It’s also a good idea to stick to Web3 development firms that have a strong track record of delivering high-quality projects.

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