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Best Telegram Bot Tokens to Invest in

Kane Pepi
Last updated: | 34 min read
Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.
best telegram bot tokens
Best Telegram Bot Tokens to Invest in

Telegram bot tokens are trending in the cryptocurrency market. These are crypto projects that offer specific products and services on the Telegram app, such as decentralized trading and AI-backed insights. According to CoinGecko data, this niche now commands a market capitalization of over $250 million. In this guide, we explore the 12 best Telegram bot tokens to invest in. We also explain what Telegram bot tokens are, how they work, and why this marketplace continues to grow.

List of the Best Telegram Bot Tokens for 2024:

Listed below are the 12 best Telegram bot tokens to invest in right now:

  1. TG.Casino: TG.Casino is a new crypto casino that uses Telegram bots to improve the user experience and offer enhanced security, speed and anonymity. With $TGC, the native token – users can get 25% cashback and exclusive rewards.
  2. Wall Street Memes Casino – A top Telegram enabled casino that offers 5,000 games, thousands of sports, and live dealers. This casino is an invention of Wall Street Memes, one of the most successful presales of 2023 with 1 million social followers and a raise of $25 million. The casino offers a 200% welcome bonus up to $25,000 and uses 10% of revenue to buy back the $WSM token.
  3. Unibot: This is the largest Telegram bot token by market capitalization. Unibot allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies via the Telegram app. Its decentralized bot also offers insights into the best cryptocurrencies to buy. Unibot was launched in June 2023. Since then, Unibot has generated gains of over 967%.
  4. ChainGPT: A New cryptocurrency project that simplifies the blockchain world through artificial intelligence. For instance, users can create smart contracts without any coding knowledge. Instead, users simply need to enter text prompts, as ChainGPT does the rest.
  5. Image Generation AI: One of the best Telegram bot tokens for recent performance. Since launching in January 2023, Image Generation AI has witnessed growth of almost 3,300%. In a nutshell, this project allows users to create high-quality art through simple text prompts.
  6. LootBot: Another Telegram bot token that is trending right now. Over the prior 24 hours, Lootbot has generated gains of over 40%. The project has developed a Telegram bot that streamlines airdrop farming tasks. This enables users to automatically collect free cryptocurrencies from new airdrop giveaways.
  7. Quick Intel: This Telegram bot token is all about risk management. In a nutshell, Quick Intel helps cryptocurrency investors detect potential scams and rug pulls. It analyzes a range of data points in real-time, including smart contracts and blockchain analytics. Quick Intel also provides insights on crypto gems before they explode. Over the prior 7 days. Quick Intel has increased by 111%.
  8. Tetris: While Tetris is one of the highest-risk Telegram bot tokens on this list, it’s also generated some of the biggest gains in recent days. In fact, Tetris is up 279% in the prior 7 days of trading. This project is building a Tetris game on Telegram that will also allow players to win cryptocurrency tokens. It will support head-to-head games and tournaments.
  9. WagieBot: This Telegram bot is aimed at the decentralized finance (DeFi) niche. It offers Telegram users plenty of features, including token swaps, sniping, and even copy trading. WagieBot supports cross-chain transfers on the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Arbitrum networks.
  10. EspressoBot: A trending Telegram bot that allows users to create their own ERC20 token. No prior experience or coding knowledge is required. Users simply need to answer some questions about the tokenomics of their new token, such as its name, total supply, and tax framework.
  11. BaseTools: This Telegram project offers real-time insights into thousands of ERC20 tokens. This includes smart contract scanning, which is then summarized into relatable insights. It also alerts users when a cryptocurrency undergoes a burning mechanism or a new token is introduced to the market.
  12. DexCheck: An automated bot that is backed by artificial intelligence. It scans the cryptocurrency markets around the clock and provides users with real-time insights. The aim is to find trending cryptocurrencies that have the potential to outperform the market.

Best Telegram Bot Tokens to Invest In – Full Analysis

We will now discuss the investment thesis of the 10 Telegram bot tokens listed above.

1. TG.Casino – Newly Launched Telegram Casino Offering 25% Cashback Through its Native Token and Staking Rewards


is our overall best Telegram bot token because it allows holders to generate rewards through staking and profit-sharing. $TGC is the native token of TG.Casino, which will utilize the power of Telegram bots to improve the user experience for its players.

TG Casino logo
Telegram allows players to sign up securely and anonymously, bypassing any KYC verifications, and also deposit/withdraw instantly, securely and anonymously via any leading Web3 wallets. Users can make a $1 minimum deposit using popular cryptos such as BTC, BCH, ETH, USDT, and DOGE. However, $TGC, the native token, can be held to get access to exclusive casino games and rewards. Furthermore, users who make bets with $TGC can get a 25% cashback on any losses incurred. The casino itself is already among our best Telegram casinos and offers traditional casino games such as poker, roulette and blackjack with live and virtual dealers, top slots games such as Aviator and Plinko, and a full sportsbook with pre-game and in-play markets on the world’s biggest sporting competitions. As such, TG.Casino has been dubbed one of the leading Telegram sports betting bots. It will also offer a hugely enticing welcome bonus to new players who can get their first deposit matched 200%, up to 10 ETH.
TG Casino tokenomics
The token, which has now raised over $1.1 million on presale, can be leveraged to earn further rewards from the casino – including via staking and a profit-sharing system. At the time of writing, the staking pool is offering incredible returns of 420% annual percentage yield (APY), with tokens and rewards able to be generated while the presale continues. Staking incentivizes holding and there will be further incentive because of the profit-sharing function – TG.Casino will use casino profits to buy back $TGC tokens with 60% shared among those who are staking as a reward. The other 40% will then be sent to a burn address to make the token deflationary, which can have huge benefits to the value of the token as selling pressure is reduced and the supply drops, theoretically increasing the price. More info on the project can be found in the whitepaper or on Telegram – $TGC tokens cost $0.125 throughout the presale.

2. Wall Street Memes Casino – Telegram Enabled Crypto Casino With 200% Welcome Bonus and 10% Buyback

Wall Memes Memes Casino

is a recently launched crypto casino with over 5,000 games accessible directly through Telegram. This new launch extends from the massive Wall Street Memes movement, which raised over $25 million in its presale and has over 1 million social media followers. The campaign even saw some interaction from Elon Musk on Twitter and its token is live on multiple T1 CEX exchanges.

Wall Street Memes Casino
This token ($WSM) is also the native token for Wall Street Memes Casino, which will undoubtedly benefit from the enormous marketing appeal and social following of the preceding presale. But the casino itself offers many benefits aside from the branding. It offers a 200% up to $25,000 welcome bonus along with 200 free spins for those who deposit in $WSM. The fact that games can be played through a Telegram bot is further incentivization, as it makes it much easier to access on the fly. Telegram has over 700 million active users as of early 2023. Deposits and withdrawals are instant, processed in crypto. Over 13 cryptocurrencies are accepted, including $WSM, SOL, BNB, ETH, XRP, USDT, BTC, and more. This is also a fully licensed provider with a headquarters in Curacao. 10% of the gaming revenue will be bought back by the casino to help maintain the token price.
Wall Street Memes casino games
There are many benefits to buying the $WSM token, as it also offers staking APY that is currently in the range of 41%. Due to the WSM branding, Telegram access, and anonymous deposits, this could be a very successful crypto casino in 2024. Further information on this project can be obtained from the Wall Street Memes Casino Whitepaper. The Twitter page is another source of relevant information.

3. Unibot – Telegram Trading Bot That Supports Decentralized Crypto Swaps

Overall, Unibot is one of the best Telegram bot tokens to invest in. This project has developed a unique and innovative model – it enables users to buy and sell ERC20 tokens directly in the Telegram app. This means there is no requirement to trade on a traditional crypto exchange. After joining the Unibot Telegram channel, users will be presented with a range of features. The bot is user-friendly, with each feature represented by a button. For example, those wishing to buy a cryptocurrency can click on the ‘Buy’ button. The user will then be guided through the swap process. To start, they will need to paste the contract address for the respective cryptocurrency they want to buy. Unibot will then present users with a unique ERC20 wallet address. The user will need to transfer Ethereum to this address. Once the transfer is made, Unibot will go to work. Put simply, Unibot will automatically swap Ethereum for the chosen ERC20 token. The swap process rarely takes more than a few seconds. Unibot can also be used to sell ERC20 tokens for Ethereum.

Unibot price chart
The process works the same as buying ERC20 tokens but in reverse. Another feature of Unibot is that it allows users to create custom limit orders. This means that users can buy or sell a specific ERC20 token at their preferred price. Crucially, there is no requirement to open an account with Unibot. On the contrary, its trading bot is connected to the user’s Telegram account. This means users can swap cryptocurrencies without needing to provide any personal information. We also like the ‘mirror snipper’ feature. This enables users to copy the exact same trades as other investors. Users simply need to provide Unibot with the wallet address of their preferred investor(s). Everything is automated thereon. Unibot also has its own Telegram bot token, UNIBOT. This is the largest Telegram token by market capitalization. Currently, it’s trading at just over $191 million. UNIBOT is also one of the best-performing Telegram bot tokens. Although it was only launched in June 2023, it has since grown by 967%. As such, UNIBOT has outperformed the broader cryptocurrency market considerably.
Unibot Sniper Telegram trading bot
In terms of its use case, those holding at least 10 UNIBOT will get a 20% reduction in trading fees. Token holders will also be entitled to a share of Unibot’s revenues. Best of all, revenue payments are distributed in Ethereum. While accumulating Ethereum, it’s worth checking out the Mega Dice Telegram Casino. This is the world’s first regulated casino on the Telegram app. Put simply, Mega Dice allows players to gamble Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies anonymously. It supports plenty of casino games, including slots, blackjack, roulette, and live dealers. Moreover, Mega Dice processes deposits and withdrawals instantly. Mega Dice is also offering new players a 200% deposit bonus, not to mention 50 free spins.

4. ChainGPT – Simplifying Blockchain and Smart Contracts Through AI-Backed Text Commands


is a newly launched cryptocurrency project that simplifies the blockchain world for consumers. Similar to ChatGPT, ChainGPT is backed by artificial intelligence and is entirely prompt-based. Crucially, ChainGPT allows users to complete complex tasks that would ordinarily be reserved for programmers, thus making it one of the best Telegram bots to use in 2024. For example, ChainGPT allows users to create their own unique smart contracts. Rather than coding the smart contract manually, users simply need to give ChainGPT some prompts. For example, the consideration could start by asking ChainGPT to build a smart contract for a new cryptocurrency called ‘John Coin’. ChainGPT would then guide the user through the process by asking relevant questions. For example, the blockchain that the smart contract should be built on and how many tokens will be added to the overall supply. In addition, ChainGPT can also be used to streamline cryptocurrency and blockchain news.

ChainGPT token price chart
It continuously scrapes the internet for relevant developments and updates users every 60 minutes. This is presented simply and consciously, allowing investors to stay updated with the markets. Moreover, ChainGPT can be used to automate the NFT minting process. Through simple text prompts, users can deploy a newly created NFT on the blockchain in under a minute. Other core features include blockchain analytics and advanced AI trading. Just like its other use cases, these features are also suitable for complete beginners. Not only can ChainGPT be accessed on standard web browsers but also via a Telegram bot. Furthermore, the ChainGPT ecosystem is backed by a Telegram bot token, CGPT. CoinMarketCap data shows that CGPT was launched in April 2023 at $0.2011. A few weeks after its launch, CGPT hit an all-time high of $0.2958. At the time, this represented growth of 47%. However, the value of CGPT has since declined and it is now trading at $0.06437.
ChainGPT AI Telegram bot
This means that CGPT tokens are worth 67% less than their original listing price. Nonetheless, this could represent a viable time to buy, allowing investors to take advantage of a huge discount. What’s more, ChainGPT has a micro-market capitalization of just over $7 million. Once all of its features are fully developed, this could spurn a major reversal.

5. Image Generation AI – Art Generation Bot Backed by Artificial Intelligence

Image Generation AI

is also one of the best Telegram bot tokens in the market right now. This project has developed a proprietary tool that can generate unique images. This includes everything from hyper-realistic images and anime to 3D art. All images are generated by artificial intelligence. Artworks can be created on the Image Generation AI website. Alternatively, Image Generation AI has also developed a Telegram bot. This enables users to create images within the Telegram app and share them with their friends. Its Telegram bot is already proving popular, with more than 10,000 users subscribed to its channel. Currently, users can generate images for free. But each image comes with a watermark and the quality output is limited. This is where the project’s native Telegram token comes in, IMGNAI. In a nutshell, those holding IMGNAI tokens can create watermark-free images. Not to mention increase the render quality to 4k.

IMGNAI token price chart
What’s more, IMGNAI holders can mint their AI-backed images into NFTs. This ensures that IMGNAI tokens have a solid use case. That said, Image Generation AI is also proving popular as an investment token. In fact, this is one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies in 2024. When IMGNAI was launched in January 2023, it was priced at just $0.0006064. Today, IMGNAI is trading at $0.02257. This means that in just 7 months of trading, Image Generation AI has returned nearly 3,300% in gains to early investors. It’s not just early investors that are reaping the rewards – IMGNAI is up 54% in the prior 7 days of trading. Although Image Generation AI has generated huge growth since launching, it is still a micro-cap project. Currently, it has a market capitalization of just over $16 million. This means that there is potentially lots of upside still on the table. Equally, however, Image Generation AI investors should expect wild pricing swings. Moreover, 24-hour trading volumes are low at just over $540,000. This suggests that traders might experience unfavorable slippage when exiting the market.

6. LootBot – Automated Telegram Bot to Maximize Airdrop Giveaways

LootBot has developed an innovative Telegram bot that can automate the airdrop farming process. For those unaware, airdrops are usually run by newly launched cryptocurrency projects. They distribute their native token for free, in return for completing basic tasks. For example, liking or sharing the project’s social media pages, or joining its Telegram group. Either way, airdrop tasks are often manual and time-consuming. Here’s where LootBot comes in – its bot can automatically complete airdrop tasks on behalf of users. Not only the tasks themselves but also connecting a wallet and claiming the respective tokens. This enables users to maximize the best crypto airdrops. Additionally, LootBot has also developed a decentralized trading protocol. This enables users to buy and sell ERC20 tokens directly in the Telegram app. LootBot offers two plans. The free plan comes with limited farming volumes, basic analytics, and a maximum of 10 wallets for automated airdrops. Plus, only 80% of the airdropped tokens will be credited.

LootBot price chart
The $30 per month plan offers full functionality. This includes 100% of the airdropped tokens, unlimited wallets, advanced analytics, and 24-hour support. The premium plan also provides users with the private keys to their airdropped wallets. What’s more, LootBot also has its own native Telegram bot token, LOOT. Those holding at least 1,000 LOOT tokens will receive a 50% discount on its premium plan. Token holders will also receive a 25% share of revenues generated by LootBot. This Telegram token also comes with a 5% tax on buy and sell transactions. While 1% goes to the liquidity pool, 4% helps fund the development team. In terms of performance, LootBot is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy right now. CoinMarketData shows that over the prior 24 hours of trading, LOOT has increased by over 40%. Moreover, LootBot has a market capitalization of just $3 million. As such, this is one of the best micro-cap cryptocurrencies for long-term upside.

7. Quick Intel: Streamline the Risk Management Process to Discover Potential Crypto Scams

Quick Intel is one of the best Telegram bot tokens for risk management. Its proprietary technology scans data points in real-time to alert users of potential scams and rug pulls. This can help investors avoid suspicious cryptocurrency projects and make better, informed decisions. For example, Quick Intel scans smart contracts to assess any vulnerabilities or abnormalities. It will also scan blockchain analytics to assess whether any suspicious transactions have taken place. It will then alert users of its findings via its Telegram bot. That being said, Quick Intel can also help investors find the next cryptocurrency to explode. For instance, the bot will scan the markets to find promising presale projects that have solid potential. It can also scan cryptocurrency exchange data to find trending coins that are outperforming the market. Crucially, the Quick Intel bot supports cross-chain functionality, so it can scan thousands of cryptocurrencies at any given time. This includes everything from Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain to Polygon, Avalanche, and Kava.

Quick Intel price chart
Currently, Quick Intel is in stage two of its roadmap targets. This means that its core product is still a work-in-progress. This should be considered before investing in the project. Further down the line, Quick Intel will develop a subscription-based service, which will provide access to all of its features. While the specifics are yet to be announced, payment will be made in its native Telegram bot token, QUICKI. CoinMarketCap data shows that QUICKI was launched in May 2023 at $0.0000004744. Today, QUICKI trades at $0.000002507 – which is over 427% higher than its original listing price. Moreover, QUICKI is one of the best-performing tokens in the prior 7 days, with gains of 111%. That said, QUICKI is currently trading 35% below its prior all-time high of $0.000003914. Based on its current trajectory, there is every chance it will surpass this value in the coming days. Plus, Quick Intel has a micro-market capitalization of just $2 million, so the upside could be huge.

8. Tetris: Bringing the Classic Tetris Game to Telegram With Real Crypto Rewards

Tetris is one of the best Telegram bot tokens for gamers. As the name implies, this project is bringing the classic Tetris game to Telegram. But with a twist – players will be able to win cryptocurrency tokens – payable in Ethereum. This is an early-stage project, meaning that its Tetris gaming bot is yet to launch to the public. This increases the investment risks significantly, so proceed with caution. Nonetheless, the Tetris framework will allow players to compete head-to-head directly in the Telegram app. Users can compete with friends or be randomly assigned against a random player. Solo players will also have the option of competing against the Tetris bot.

Tetris price chart
Tetris will also run tournaments that come with larger prize pots. Further down the line, users will also be able to bet cryptocurrencies on the outcome of Tetris games. This follows a similar concept to the esports gaming market. Tetris also has its own native token, TETRIS. 100% of the TETRIS token supply was launched on Uniswap in July 2023. According to CoinMarketCap data, TETRIS was launched at $0.003525. While TETRIS tokens initially witnessed a market decline, they are now on a bullish trajectory. In fact, over the prior 7 days of trading, TETRIS tokens are up 297%. However, investors should tread carefully – CoinMarketCap is unable to verify Tetris’s circulating supply – meaning an unknown valuation.

9. WagieBot: Newly Founded DeFi Bot for Token Swaps and Copy Trading

WagieBot is one of the best Telegram bot tokens for the DeFi niche. No longer do traders need to use a decentralized exchange – as WagieBot brings trading and earning tools to Telegram. Its bot supports a wide range of features, including the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies anonymously. There is no requirement to register an account or even connect a wallet – everything is conducted via the Telegram app. WagieBot currently supports three blockchains, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Arbitrum. Users can swap tokens across any of these networks. Support for additional blockchain standards will be added in the near future. WagieBot claims that token swaps take just 1ms to complete, which is super-fast. Moreover, WagieBot also supports sniping tools. This allows traders to find the perfect entry and exit point for their preferred cryptocurrencies. We also like that WagieBot will support copy trading tools. This enables users to follow a specific crypto wallet address and mirror the same buy and sell orders. WagieBot also comes with risk management tools, all of which are automated.

Wagie Bot price chart
This includes an anti-rug pull detector and a honeypot checker. WagiePot also has a separate Telegram group that allows users to make suggestions and report potential vulnerabilities. The project’s native token, WAGIEBOT, operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The primary use case for WAGIEBOT is access to discounted trading fees. The discount depends on the number of WAGIEBOT tokens held. Token holders also have access to premium features, such as active snipes and tracked trades. According to CoinMarketCap, WAGIEBOT was launched in July 2023 at $0.1308. Within a few weeks, WAGIEBOT hit highs of $1.74. This represented growth of over 1,200% from its launch price. Although WAGIEBOT tokens have since entered a market correction, they continue to trend. For example, over the prior month of trading, WAGIEBOT has increased by 133%. Investors should be warned that trading volumes are very low. Just $660,000 worth of WAGIEBOT tokens have changed hands in the prior 24 hours – so expect wild pricing swings and unfavorable slippage.

10. EspressoBot: User-Friendly Telegram Bot Allowing Beginners to Create Their Own Custom Token

EspressoBot is a new cryptocurrency project that has developed a user-friendly Telegram bot. Its bot allows complete beginners to create their own cryptocurrency token. Crucially, no prior experience is needed, nor any coding or programming skills. Instead, EspressoBot walks users through the process step-by-step. For example, users will need to choose a name and symbol for their custom token. They will also need to provide information on the tokenomics. For instance, its initial and total supply and whether any tax will be charged on buy and/or sell transactions. Additionally, users can even create a burning mechanism for their tokens, not to mention put limits on wallet balances.

Espresso Bot price chart
EspressoBot will then get to work and within minutes – create the token. This includes a fully-fledged smart contract. Currently, EspressoBot creates ERC20 tokens that follow the Ethereum standard. However additional networks could be supported in the future. This project has its own native Telegram bot token, ESPR. By holding ESPR tokens, users will be entitled to a share of the project’s revenues. Discounted fees are also offered to token holders. CoinMarketCap data shows that ESPR tokens were launched in July 2023 at $0.00513. Currently, ESPR tokens are trading 52% lower at $0.002395. EspressoBot trades on Uniswap and Bitget.

11. BaseTools: Real-Time Insights Into Smart Contract Data

BaseTools is one of the best Telegram bot tokens for smart contract insights. It specializes in the Ethereum standard, allowing the bot to scan thousands of ERC20 tokens in real-time. This bot will appeal to users who want summarized insights into potential risks or investment opportunities. For example, BaseTools alerts users when a cryptocurrency project burns a significant proportion of its tokens. Users can set their own preferences, ensuring that they only receive alerts on notable burns. It also informs users when a new ERC20 smart contract is deployed on the Ethereum network.

Base Tools token price chart
This details its supply, tax, and other useful information. Its Sniper Bot feature enables users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies too, directly within the Telegram app. BaseTools is backed by its own native token, BASE. CoinMarketCap data shows that BASE currently trades at just $0.002994. Crucially, BASE was launched within the prior 24 hours – so it’s one of the newest Telegram bot tokens in the market. As is the case with most newly launched tokens, BASE is currently witnessing extreme volatility. It is currently trading 65% below its launch price.

12. DexCheck: AI-Backed Telegram Bot for Cryptocurrency Trading Insights

DexCheck is the final project from our list of the best Telegram bot tokens to invest in. This Telegram bot is backed by artificial intelligence. It scans the cryptocurrency markets around the clock to find trading insights. For instance, it highlights cryptocurrencies that have the potential to grow in the coming hours or days. This bot will appeal to short-term traders who want to streamline the analysis process. DexCheck does all of the legwork behind the scenes. It performs token analytics to showcase trending cryptocurrency pairs, whale wallet movements, and newly launched IDOs (initial dex offering). DexCheck has three plans for users to choose from.

DexCheck token price chart
The free plan comes with plenty of features, including a news aggregator, a wallet analyzer, and an IDO calendar. However, for full functionality, users will need to stake DexCheck’s native token, DCK. The ‘expert’ plan requires 20,000 DCK to be staked. While the ‘Oracle’ plan requires 100,000 DCK. In terms of performance, DCK was launched in July 2023 at 0.03852. As per CoinMarketCap data, DCK is currently trading at $0.023 – 41% below its launch price. Those looking to buy the dip can invest in DexCheck on multiple exchanges. This includes tier-one exchanges like KuCoin and DCK tokens are also listed on Uniswap, SuperEx, and PancakeSwap.

What Are Telegram Bot Tokens?

Before investing in the best gambling tokens, it is important to have a firm grasp of the basics. So let’s start with the Telegram bots themselves.

Telegram Bots

A Telegram robot, or bot, provides a specific product or service on the Telegram app. Bots are usually backed by algorithms, and sometimes work alongside artificial intelligence and machine learning. There are many different types of Telegram bots in the market.

  • For example, TG.Casino has developed a bot that integrates its regulated casino into Telegram.
  • This means that players can use TG.Casino to gamble on slots, table games, and more, as well as use Telegram to ensure instant, secure and anonymous sign up, depositing and withdrawals.
  • TG.Casino is among the best Bitcoin gambling sites and also offers an enticing bonus for new players – who will receive 200% matched first deposit, up to 10 ETH.

In addition to games, some Telegram bots allow users to automate specific tasks. For example, consider an online store that offers customer support via Telegram. By using a bot, the store could automate replies to some of its most commonly received questions.

Irrespective of the target audience, it is important to note that anyone can create and launch a bot on Telegram. Moreover, bots are usually available to all Telegram users. To find a bot, users need to search for it on the Telegram app. There is no vetting process, so not all bots are worth exploring.

Tokenizing Telegram Bots

So now that we have explained how Telegram bots work, let’s discuss tokenization. In a nutshell, some Telegram bots have created their own cryptocurrency token. We found that the best Telegram bot tokens have an actual use case.

ChainGPT blockchain AI project
This means that people can buy the token to access the bot’s products and services. For example, ChainGPT has created its own native token, CGPT. Those wishing to use its AI-backed tools will need to stake CGPT tokens. This can help drive long-term demand for CGPT as ChainGPT increases its user base. That said, many people are buying Telegram bot tokens for speculated reasons. This is much the same as other cryptocurrencies. After all, Telegram bot tokens are in a trending market, so this encourages people to invest. Whether or not the market is sustainable remains to be seen.

Why Invest in Telegram Bots Tokens

Let’s explore why Telegram bot tokens could be a viable addition to cryptocurrency portfolios.

High-Growth Niche Market

Although the broader cryptocurrency markets have performed well in 2024, overall prices are still just a fraction of all-time highs. For example, at its peak in late 2021, the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies was almost $3 trillion. Today, the market is valued at just over $1.1 trillion. That being said, the Telegram bot niche continues to outshine the wider market. Image Generation AI is a prime example. Since launching in January 2023, this Telegram bot token has increased by almost 3,300%. During the same period, Bitcoin has grown by 78%. Similarly, Unibot has witnessed gains of over 967% – it was only launched in June 2023. In light of this, while the broader cryptocurrency markets are still bearish, Telegram bot tokens are generating considerable growth. This means that investors can still make sizable gains while large-cap cryptocurrencies underperform.

Telegram Bot Tokens are Trending

Telegram bot tokens are currently the top trending cryptocurrencies. Over the prior 7 days alone, this marketplace has generated unprecedented gains.

  • For example, Tetris, Quick Intel, and PAAL AI have grown by 279%, 111%, and 102% respectively. This is in just one week of trading.
  • Then there’s MEVFree, Trace AI, and UniBot. Over the same period, these Telegram bot tokens have increased by 89%, 69%, and 47%, respectively.

To reiterate, this is during a time when cryptocurrency prices are stagnant. For example, over the prior week, Bitcoin and Ethereum, have moved by under a percentage point. While XRP and Dogecoin have declined by 7.7% and 2.5% respectively. Buying trending cryptocurrencies comes with its pros and cons. When timed correctly, investors can ride the wave. Considering the micro-valuation of the Telegram bot token industry, there could still be plenty more growth lined up. However, nobody quite knows where the peak is when investing in trending markets. In other words, are the best Telegram bot tokens here to stay, or is this market just a short-term cycle?

Hugely Undervalued Market

Some analysts believe that in its current form, the Telegram bot token market is hugely undervalued. For instance, we mentioned earlier that the market capitalization of all Telegram bots is just over $250 million. As noted above, the overall cryptocurrency market is valued at over $1.1 trillion. This means that Telegram bot tokens make up just 0.02% of the broader market. Such a small valuation will appeal to growth investors. For example, while UniBot is the largest Telegram bot token by market capitalization, it’s valued at just $191 million. The second-largest by market capitalization is Image Generation AI, valued at just $16 million.

If Telegram bot tokens continue to trend, the upside potential could be significant. After all, low-cap tokens offer a much greater upside when compared to large-caps.

Invest in Innovative Concepts

The best Telegram bot tokens are developing innovative concepts. This will appeal to serious cryptocurrency investors who prefer long-term holdings. For example, we mentioned earlier that ChainGPT is simplifying the cryptocurrency and blockchain spaces for casual users. Through simple text prompts, users can create their own smart contract agreements. ChainGPT doesn’t require any knowledge of programming or even smart contracts themselves. Users simply need to give instructions via text prompts. In another example, Unibot has brought decentralized trading to the Telegram community. Considering Telegram’s 700+ million users, Telegram could be a huge market for Unibot. Put simply, users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies without leaving the Telegram app. This removes the need to use an external exchange. Investing in these innovative concepts early could give investors a first-mover advantage.

Lots of Ways to Diversify

Earlier in this guide, we analyzed the 11 best Telegram bot tokens to invest in right now. However, this is just a small segment of the overall market. For example, CoinMarketCap lists 60 Telegram bot tokens – but there are likely much more. This is because not all Telegram bot tokens are listed on exchanges. Nonetheless, the most risk-averse way to invest in this market is through diversification.

  • For example, suppose a growth investor has $1,500 that they want to allocate to Telegram bot tokens.
  • An inexperienced investor might allocate the entire $1,500 to just one project.
  • While a seasoned investor might allocate $100 to 15 different Telegram bot tokens.

The benefits of diversification should not be understated.

  • For example, suppose 14/15 Telegram bot tokens lose money.
  • Fortunately, the investor also bought Image Generation AI, which has grown by almost 3,300%.
  • On an investment of $100, this returns a profit of $3,300.
  • So, irrespective of what happens with the other 14 tokens, the overall portfolio has made significant gains.
There are many different ways to diversify in this market. For example, investors might focus Telegram bot tokens from different niches – such as artificial intelligence, trading, and gaming. In addition, investors can then diversify into other cryptocurrency markets, such as metaverse tokens or NFTs. The more diversified the portfolio, the better.

Low-Value Tokens

Of all the Telegram bot tokens listed on CoinMarketCap, only three are priced at over $1 – UniBot, MoonBot, and All In. The remainder are penny cryptocurrencies. This enables investors to buy a larger number of tokens without needing to risk large amounts of capital. For example, Laelaps is currently trading at just $0.0039. So, an investment of just $100 would yield over 25,000 tokens. Similarly, NextAI is trading at $0.003, so an investment of $100 would also yield over 25,000 tokens. TG.Casino Token, which has just launched on presale, can be purchased for $0.125 and allows users to generate huge APY through staking as well as be part of the casino’s profit-sharing scheme – it is also deflationary. In contrast, Bitcoin trades at approximately $30,000. So a $100 investment would yield a micro-fraction of one token.

Small Investment Stakes are Permitted

Another benefit of Telegram bot tokens is that they can be purchased with a few dollars. This is because most tokens trade on decentralized exchanges – which do not have any account minimums. Nor is there a minimum trade requirement. So, even if investors only have a few dollars worth of cryptocurrency in their wallet, they can still invest in the best Telegram bot tokens.

How to Find Telegram Bot Tokens

Now that we have discussed the benefits of Telegram bot tokens, let’s explore where to find the best projects.

Start With CoinMarketCap

When searching for the best Telegram bot tokens, a great place to start is CoinMarketCap. This is because CoinMarketCap lists all of the Telegram bot tokens that currently trade on exchanges. And when new tokens are launched, CoinMarketCap usually adds them. By default, CoinMarketCap lists Telegram bot tokens by the market capitalization, from the largest to the smallest.

List of cryptocurrencies by marketcap
But investors can sort the tokens by other metrics too. For instance, tokens that have generated the largest gains in the prior 1 or 7 days. Similarly, Telegram bot tokens can also be sorted by 24-hour trading volume. The next step is to click on a Telegram bot token to see what the project is all about. By scrolling down below the chart and news section, this usually offers an overview of the project. For instance, its objectives, what problem it solves, and the utility of its token (if any). If the Telegram bot token has a solid framework, add it to a shortlist. Then repeat the above steps with other tokens listed on CoinMarketCap.

Read the Whitepaper

We can’t stress enough how important it is to read the whitepaper before investing in a cryptocurrency project. This is especially the case when investing in an emerging market like Telegram bots. So, after creating a shortlist, visit the website of each project and read through the whitepaper. Make additional notes along the way. For instance, its tokenomics, roadmap objectives, development team, and any other useful information.

Test the Telegram Bot

What better way to assess a Telegram token than to actually test its bot? Assuming that the bot is live and not just a work-in-progress, this will offer unparalleled insights into the project. If the bot performs well and does exactly what the whitepaper states, this could represent a solid investment. At the other end of the scale, if the bot is yet to be released, investors should tread with caution. Cryptocurrency projects are known to make bold claims about what they ‘aim’ to do. But in many cases, the final product or service never comes to fruition.

Explore Reddit

Reddit is one of the best sources for obtaining cryptocurrency investment insights. Make no mistake about it – Reddit users do not beat around the bush. If they smell a potential scam, Reddit users are quick to inform others.

A good starting point is to visit the r/TelegramBots/ group. Not only is this group aimed specifically at Telegram bot discussions, but it has over 30,000 members. Moreover, this Reddit group is often the go-to place for newly launched bots.

TelegramBots Reddit discussion
This enables developers to spread the word before the bot becomes mainstream. As such, growth investors can find the best Telegram bot tokens at the earliest stage possible.

What to Consider Before Investing in Telegram Bot Tokens

Although Telegram bot tokens are trending, this doesn’t mean they represent a solid investment. Before proceeding, be sure to make the following consideration.

Volatility and Risk

Telegram bot tokens operate in a highly volatile market. On one side of the market, there are Telegram bot tokens like Tetris and Quick Intel, which have generated gains of 279% and 111% in the prior 7 days alone. However, there are also Telegram bot tokens like MechX and BotX. Over the same period, these tokens have declined by 94% and 78%, respectively. Similarly, NitroBot and Multi Wallet Suite have declined by 71% and 70%. This highlights just how volatile the Telegram bot token market is. As such, investors should consider the risks before buying any tokens. Most importantly, investors should only risk what they can afford to lose.

Trading Volume and Liquidity

Investors should ensure that there are sufficient levels of liquidity before buying a Telegram bot token. This refers to the amount of trading activity the token attracts. And conversely, how easy or difficult it will be to enter and exit the market.

  • For example, consider the Telegram bot token, alfa.society (ALFA).
  • At first glance, it is notable that ALFA has increased by almost 150% in the prior 24 hours. However, a closer look shows that liquidity is a major concern.
  • This is because ALFA’s 24-hour trading volume is just $8,909.
  • So, while it’s all good and well-seeing gains of 150%, investors won’t be able to realize their profits if they can’t find a buyer when cashing out.

Fortunately, the best Telegram bot tokens are attracting decent liquidity levels. For instance, more than $14 million worth of UniBot tokens have been traded in the prior 24 hours.

Have a Trading Strategy in Place

Before buying a Telegram bot token, investors should have a trading strategy in place.

  • For instance, consider whether the investment will be held in the short or long term.
  • If it’s the latter, investors should be prepared to hold onto their Telegram tokens for at least 12 months – perhaps longer.
  • In the meantime, the value of the investment will rise and fall. So expect lots of volatility.

Alternatively, some investors will take a short-term trading strategy. This means buying trending Telegram bot tokens and making a quick exit. In this instance, it’s good to have a target price in mind.


We have explored and ranked the best Telegram tokens to invest in right now. While this niche market continues to trend, it remains to be seen how long it will last. TG.Casino Token is our best overall Telegram bot token as it underpins the Telegram-powered TG.Casino, and offers 100% anonymous trading to users. One can get a 200% matched deposit bonus of up to 10 ETH on their first deposit. $TGC can be used to earn staking rewards and rewards from a profit-sharing system. It is also deflationary which usually has a great long-term impact on the value and price of a token.



What are Telegram Bot Tokens?

Some Telegram bots have launched their own native cryptocurrency tokens. By holding tokens, users have access to specific products or services. TG.Casino is one such example, the Telegram-powered crypto casino is offering tokens that users can leverage to earn staking rewards and profit-sharing rewards.

How do I get a Telegram Bot Token?

Similar to traditional cryptocurrencies, Telegram bot tokens can be purchased on exchanges. Most Telegram bot tokens trade on decentralized exchanges. TG.Casino is currently available to purchase on presale.

What is the Best Telegram Bot Token to buy?

TG.Casino is a high-potential token now available on presale that allows holders to earn rewards through staking and profit-sharing. Some of the best Telegram bot tokens based on recent performance include Wall Street Memes Casino, Unibot, ChainGPT, Image Generation AI, LootBot, and Quick Intel.

Does Telegram Have a Token?

Telegram launched a native cryptocurrency in 2020 – raising over $1.7 billion. However, the token launch was shut down due to pressures from the SEC.

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